Fleur-  - lis light switch cover, blackened ironwork

Fleur- - lis light switch cover, blackened ironwork

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Fleur- - lis light switch cover, blackened ironwork

Maybe you're a fan of the Saints, or the French, or lilies, or maybe you simply appreciate ancient heraldic design. Use this fleur-de-lys switch plate as jewelry for a beautiful room. These are intended to replace plastic or stamped switch plates in high visibility areas. Switches are handled and looked at often and these switchplates add to the architectural character of the room. Maintain the historic feel of an old house, even if your home predates electric lines.

This switch plate was hand hammered from 16 gauge steel. The outline is chisel-cut with custom chisels and then the plate is textured and formed to fit a standard single wall switch. The hammered boarder frames the piece and gives extra depth and texture. The completed duct is then given a blackened finish. The switchplate is sealed from rust with a mixture of boiled linseed oil and beeswax from our own bee hives. The depth of the plate allows for mounting when the electrical box is not flush with the wall.

The dimensions are (5.5"x7"). The center section is slightly larger than most standard switchplates. This allows the plate to cover the ridge in the paint often left after installation before paint fully cures. Be sure to measure for clearance to doorframes, mouldings, or other woodwork near the intended switch.

Each switchplate is unique due to the hours of chiseling and hammering required. Each switchplate is stamped with the artist's initials on the back.

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